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This is Ella, our 3 year old Shih Tzu. 

She needs your help. On July 21st, Ella was horribly injured when a van ran her over and fled the scene.

Little Ella has already had two surgeries: one to rebuild her broken pelvis and set her shattered leg and another to reattach both tubes from her kidneys, which got unattached from the impact, to her bladder.

Our family is doing everything we can to care for this wonderful little Shih Tzu that we rescued from the ASPCA shelter just 3 months ago. But the vet bills have reached $15,000 and are piling up every day, while Ella is still in urgent care. 

We have reached the limit of our credit. Our family just moved into a new house, where our rent is higher. We are already struggling with that, and can’t afford this at all. This is a serious situation, and everyone wants our baby home.

At this moment Ella is getting a blood transfusion. She needs to be in her forever home where she can be cared for and loved and continue to heal.

Please reach in your heart and donate whatever you can. The situation is desperate and every dollar counts. Thank you so much!

Seriously guys, if dashcon can raise 17k, please please donate, if you can, to help us pay for Ella’s treatments!! Even if you can’t, please reblog to signal boost!! You can donate here!


Is this the way a toy feels when its batteries run dry? [x]

I am the watch you always wear, but you forget you wind.


Is this the way a toy feels when its batteries run dry? [x]

I am the watch you always wear, but you forget you wind.


offensive things to call people when they’re mean to you:

  • crispy nipple
  • the white stringy things in bananas
  • tangled umbilical cord
  • nash grier
  • iceberg lettuce: world’s blandest green
  • watery afro
  • fountain water at school that never tastes right
  • voldemort’s breathing holes
  • ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[tohr sh-luhs pan-ik]


(noun) An untranslatable, German word used to describe the anxiety or fear that one’s life is passing them by and that their future opportunities are diminishing. It is also applicable to characterize the sense of urgency some people have in seeking a partner to settle down due to age. 

  • Literal: door close panic.

tor (goal), schluss (end, closing), and panik (panic): these three nouns are all combine to express this feeling.

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LOOK AT HOW PRETTY MY PHANTOM IS!Also, the candy cane tetra who snuck in is pretty gorgeous too.

Also, the candy cane tetra who snuck in is pretty gorgeous too.

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FISH EXPERTS: How do you know if your pleco is eating enough?


I have a very small/young pleco in a large tank with my betta fish. 
This is a fairly new tank setup that really doesn’t have much algae yet for him to eat.
I have tried various kinds of bottom feeder food and algae sinking wafers…I don’t think he’s eating them. 
What else can I try?  He’s very active and I see him sucking away on tank decorations all the time, but how do I know if he’s getting enough to eat?

What breed of pleco is it? Some breeds eat mostly wood, some need meat. Try cutting up some zucchini, cut off the skin (some like the skin but none of mine do) and blanch it so it’s a little soft and sinks to the bottom. Or skewer it on a rod or something. As a side note, don’t rely on the algae in you tank to feed it.



So I’ve recently gotten a 15 gallon from Craigslist, and I’ve decided to keep it for about a week and a half to see that everything is okay before adding new fish. It has a few mollies and a pleco.

I have two betta boys and I thought about adding them? They’ve both only been in their own tanks with no other fishie contact before, and they’re doing great…
So maybe I should think about getting a new betta? Or just drop the idea? XD

I’m knowledgable about bettas but not an expert as you see…

(Skipping over the discussions I’ve seen you have about the bettas) I have a tall 15. I’ve got two swordtails, two cories and a bristlenose in it. But before I got the bristlenose I had a clown pleco in it - she’s since been moved since she wasn’t helping my algae problem in there (it’s in front of a window - but no worries, Karen gets wafers and zucchini also).



I smell trouble brewing

Pope Francis is a fucking legend

When you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on

- Theodore Roosevelt (via feellng)